The Leadify Solution

CRM-system for Entrepreneurs

CRM means Costumer Relationship Management. A CRM-system helps you manage your relations.Our main focus is on sales, and we aim to help entrepreneurs and startups in getting and organizing their first leads.

Leadify is built around a specific sales strategy, which will allow you to optimize your sales process. This helps you create human connections without your clients feeling pushed durring the sales-process.

Cloud Based And Lead-Import

Our solution is cloud-based, which means that your CRM system will be located online for easy access from anywhere in the world.

Importing a Lead-database (CSV-files) is currently possible, but as we are still working on the lead-import function, we are not ready with guides on how to import leads. Our goal is to make it easy to switch from other CRM platforms or even just from your personal excel-document.

How to Sign Up

When you create your account, you will pick a subdomain for the installation of your personal Leadify CRM. For example, if you pick “salesman” as your subdomain, your installation will be placed at http://www.salesman.leadify.dk. This means that when you need to use Leadify, you go to your unique address to log in.

The user who creates the installation (subdomain), will be the admin of the system and will be able to create multiple users for the same company.

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